About Us

Since 1949, Combe brands have been part of people’s most personal moments. When a man faces his first gray hairs in the mirror — or a woman wonders how to care for the most intimate area of her body — Combe brands are here to help people feel like themselves again: Confident. Comfortable. Looking and feeling their best.

We put people’s personal care needs at the center of every thing we do. These aren’t niche needs. They are universal needs, but often kept private. We respect that. At Combe, instead of shying away from these very personal Personal Care problems, we aim to solve them. We believe that’s the right thing to do for people and the smart thing to do for business. And we continue to launch new brands today with this philosophy in mind.

We also invest in promising early stage companies using creative and bespoke partnership models that allow these companies to leverage Combe’s strategic capital, successful operating platform, and go-to-market capabilities to accelerate their development and growth.